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What causes ear infections in Pets and how can you treat them?

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Have you noticed your pooch scratches its ear quite often or is there redness inside or around your pet’s ears? Pets are prone to many diseases, ear infections and swelling around the ears are the most common ones seen in pets. This can be severely painful and discomforting for your pet dog or cat. Otitis Externa is a condition that causes swelling in the external ear canal. In this blog, I will guide you on how one can reduce ear inflammation and stop discomfort with professional treatment.

Recurrence of infection can cause permanent hearing disorder in pets; hence it must be treated professionally and at an early stage. Delay in treatment or lack of proper eradication of infection can lead to expensive surgeries. Advanced veterinary science and new state-of-the-art equipment help vets inspect and treat your pet cat and dog without the threat of recurrence of infection.

All you need to know about Pet Ear Infection

Scabies and ear mites can cause serious ear infection diseases and painful inflammation in pet ears. One of the key reasons for ear infections in feline pets is ear mites. Cases of advanced Otitis Externa are seen in pets with allergic skin disease and other food allergies. Pet’s healthy skin or coat is affected due to different hormone-based illnesses like keratinization and hypothyroidism disorders. This further results in advanced ear infections in pets.

Let’s treat that Ear Infection in cats and dogs

Samples of infected skin are closely examined under a microscope by a veterinary professional. This process helps in understanding the diseases and identifying the microorganism and parasites causing the ear infection. Some pets might find this process stressful and not participate as expected in the examination process. In such adverse situations, the veterinarian might suggest using general anesthesia to help calm the pet. A thorough inspection of the infected area is necessary to avoid the adverse scenario of damaged hearing capability. With the advanced veterinary science, the vets are now equipped with state-of-the-art otoscope equipment which allows them to perform a video endoscopy procedure to remove the debris from the ears.

New technology using video endoscopy

Video endoscopy is an effective and safe method to clean an infected pet’s ears with minimal discomfort to your pet. The use of general anesthesia helps keep the pet calm and still during the procedure. It is also a precautionary method as one cannot anticipate how the pet would react to the situation. The advanced veterinary video endoscopy helps the vet see the insides of the ear canal with maximum clarity. The vet can remove external debris or collect samples of infected skin for biopsy using a grasping tool. The flushing tube helps push liquids in the ears for cleaning and clear picture quality.

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