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Importance of Healthy Diet for Your Pet Bird

Updated: May 24, 2022

Nutrition is important if you wish to keep your bird in good health, bright and full of life.

Your bird's diet is more than just food – it is the entire basis for its good health, lifespan, appearance, energy and even good behaviour. It has been noted that improper nutrition is the cause of 90% of health problems and the leading cause of death in pet birds. The value of a proper diet over the life of the bird is monumental. Birds fed a poor diet will become malnourished, which will start a chain of events leading to a decline in the bird's overall health.

What is a healthy diet and how can you be sure you are feeding your bird appropriately?

Premium, certified organic ingredients are best for bird’s diet!

But what are certified organic ingredients?

Bird food that is made from premium whole grains and legumes. If must have organic ingredients sourced from high level and certified organic farms. No artificial processing incorporated nor use any type of bleached flours, meals or by-products that yield a perfectly uniform appearance.

Bird food marked with high potency range works like miracle in healing any sick or injured bird. Also, while transiting from another food, the bird is first put on high potency range and then lifetime feeding course.

To supply your bird with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, include pellets, fruit and vegetables as part of its diet. Formulated diets consist of seeds, grains, vegetables, fruits and proteins. Fresh fruit and vegetables must be washed, and remnants left in the cage must be thrown away before it begins to rot. Also, fresh water must be given daily or more frequently if your bird fouls up the water.

Studies indicate that healthy, properly fed birds have a proper ratio of muscle, bone and fat, their beak is smooth and shiny without signs of peeling. Healthy birds stand erect and alert on the perch, have smooth respiration, the feathers fit together like a garment, the skin on the legs and face is glistening, smooth, and soft with no signs of flaking. Most importantly, the healthy bird is calm and does not bite, scream, or behave in an aggressive manner.

To ensure that birds have a healthy life, most doctors and vets recommend bird foods that follow the strict organic guidelines specified by the USDA.

Nutrition is important if you wish to keep your bird in good health, bright and full of life.

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