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How to Remove Tartar from a Dog’s Teeth?

Updated: Feb 9

Oral care for pets includes various techniques to maintain your furry friends clean and healthy smiles as a way to improve their life. The center of oral care evolves around basic techniques to avoid tartar formation on those healthy teeth. We all understand how big of a task it is to get your furry pal acquainted with the toothbrush or any other dental routine. Then again, without proper knowledge about the problem (Tartar), you cannot help your Dog or manage its oral care. In this blog, I will walk you through the reasons and prevention of tartar.

What is the root cause of tartar build-up?

It all comes down to the food your furry friend has been relishing!

One of the major reasons for tartar formation around teeth is leftover granules or pieces of food after every meal. With time, the saliva mixes with the remnants left in the mouth and becomes hard and forms brownish or yellow color tartar over teeth and around gums. You will find basic oral care products available over the counter at pet shops, supermarkets, and veterinary clinics, which can help you reduce the tartar at this plaque stage. For pets at an advanced stage, we recommend you take your dog to the veterinarian for a dental tartar routine.

Can Dog tartar turn dangerous?

One will not consider tartar to be a serious concern in the beginning. But without proper care and timely action, it can aggravate the oral damage and can also become fatal. Two majorly observed symptoms in deteriorating oral health are Gingivitis and gum inflammation. This means the condition is worsening and immediate action is required. Have you noticed foul pet breath or a rotten smell from your pooch’s mouth? This might be an indication of Gingivitis. Adding trouble to the routine, the bacteria from the tartar can enter the dog’s blood through gums which will advance to infecting vital organs.

How can you calculate the professional cost of tartar removal from a dog’s teeth?

Nothing costs more than your pet’s health. However, a dental routine can pinch your pocket deep if not actioned in time. Pet Care in the UAE can generally be quite expensive when compared with other regions like Europe or Asia. From the cost of the right diet to professional health check solutions for pet care, you should be prepared for an expensive ride, unless you have pet insurance that covers the services. As I have mentioned at the beginning of this blog, a severe tartar formation will require a professional check by a veterinarian or veterinary dental center near you. With the use of modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically for Dog’s teeth, they will perform the procedure of tartar removal and teeth cleaning. Some might include teeth polishing to give that smile the extra shine. The cost of such a procedure is based on various factors such as clinic location, vet or nurse performing the procedure, breed of the dog, age, and most importantly case severity.

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