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5 Tips for New pet parents to improve their Pooch’s mental health with a new playtime routine

Updated: May 24, 2022

Improve the well-being of your furry friends by engaging them in a regular exercise routine. It is important to develop these habits at early puppy age. We do understand that daily chores can be tiresome which gets us to forget the importance of exercise for the mind. Hence, it is observed in bored dogs develop serious behavioral problems due to mental and environmental avoidance.

However, dear readers, do not worry! In this blog, I’ve listed easy and exciting techniques to occupy your Canine’s mind to help their overall health.

1. Play time = Fun time

Training classes are a good way to start their exposure to the outside world. These classes help in developing socializing skills in your pooch. As a bonus, there’s fun and play for them while they learn to interact with each other. It is a good physical and mental exercise for pets of all ages, as you are not just implementing a learning process, but also engaging them to adapt naturally to a fresh environment.

2. Schedule recurring social outings

Take them with you when you have a household task or outdoor daily chores to do. This is a recommended method to keep their mind occupied. Pets, in general, enjoy visiting new places and seeing different people. Many restaurants and parks in the UAE allow pets and have a pet-friendly atmosphere. Visiting these places will help your pooch develop social skills and bond with many more of their kind.

3. Trigger their minds

Walking the dog is a routine you wouldn’t skip. It’s part of your daily chores as a pet parent in the UAE or any other part of the world. We battle through the extreme weather, but don’t skip these routines. However, you can always add fun to your day-to-day stroll by adding a touch of creativity.

Basic ideas like exploring a new route or visiting a new park occasionally can make these daily walks very exciting for your furry friend. Take some time out in exploring areas with different sounds, atmospheres, and even landscapes, which will bring a sense of new smell and sight to your pooch. We all know that dogs have a very strong sense of smell, and it is far more powerful than humans. Well, then why not take advantage of that and let them experience their neighborhood in their style. This activity helps in developing their mind and sharpening their social skills.

We understand that it is not flexible for everyone to explore new areas every day. Every neighborhood is different and has its own challenges. But that shouldn’t stop us from making a regular day a fun day. Look out for benches, roadside curbs, park equipment, or event building stairs. Walking through obstacles might be tedious and tiresome for humans, and your furry friends enjoy these little tasks for sure.

4. Control and Obedience Training

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about obedience training for your pooch? A common answer is to train them to sit, stand or roll when you tell them to, and other basics etiquettes. As pet owners, we must remember, that while teaching a pup to learn a new skill, we are imposing on their mind to adapt and learn something new. Be creative and implement new training rules, and set up new tricks to keep them engaged in the activity.

5. Invest your time in your pet’s well-being

Everyone enjoys a little challenge during playtime, be it you or your pooch. Up your game by developing a habit to give your pooch quality time every day. This will help strengthen your bond with your pet. Extra quality time with pet owners is always accepted as a reward by pets. Extra time does not necessarily mean extra walks for outdoor activities. You can engage with your pet with a simple peek-a-boo trick. They love it, and it always works! Here are a few home-friendly tricks to play with your pooch;

  1. Fetch a rolled-up sock ball

  2. Hide and seek

  3. Create in house agility set with home furniture

  4. Treats scavenger hunt

  5. Tug of war

  6. Try floating water toys during baths

  7. Catch the light

  8. Peek-a-boo

  9. Teach your Dog to clean up his toys after play

  10. Or just snuggle up and relax on the couch

In Conclusion

Be it a puppy, adult, or geriatric dog, they can all use some mental and physical health development with a new play routine. A balanced mix of nutritional pet food and physical exercise will help you maintain the good health of your pooch.

When buying pet food, always remember to read the product label. Foods with hypoallergenic and quality content are usually priced higher, but the quality is what you pay for. Let price not be your deciding factor when it comes to pet health.

I hope you first-time pet parents find these 5 tips useful in shaping a healthier lifestyle for your pooch.

Make playtime fun time for both- You and your pooch.

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